According to the 28.10.2021 European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) email, the Project proposal, submitted by the National Quality System dpt, of Communication and Development Agency of EOPPEP, being the National Reference Point of the European Network for Quality Assurance in VET (EQAVET), in terms of ERASMUS+ (ERASMUS IBAs Budget-based + LS Type I and II) , under the name:

«Towards an Enhanced Post - coved VET (EPOS - VET[1]

has been approved, attaining a high evaluation score. The main goal of the Project is the development of an integrated Quality Assurance Methodology for IVET Curricula and piloting in selected new- innovative specialties.

The proposed actions will deploy in a time scale from 01/04/2021 to 31/08/2023.

The proposal aims to link the results of previous actions of EOPPEP, as National Reference Point (NRP) of EQAVET and specifically of the National Quality System dpt of Communication and Development Agency, to the state of art developments in VET, stemming, from one hand, due to the pandemic consequences, as well as from the alterations, on the other hand, to global employment.

In this framework, the National Quality System dpt of EOPPEP during 2019-2021, pursued  the design and delivery of a large - national scale survey and introduced a Study with comprehensive results and data on: a) IVET graduates tracking in the labor market b) employers’’ perceptions concerning the evaluation of knowledge, skills and competence of IVET graduates, potential skills mismatches, etc. (for more details, see the complete Study:   

The post pandemic era calls upon new actions, in order to further establish VET as a sound study path and effective career choice. EOPPEP, weighing the current situation and in continuation to previous work, via the new proposal under the name, «Towards an Enhanced Post - covid VET (EPOS - VET)»  pursuits a decisive step forward, towards this direction, aiming to:

1. Develop an Integrated IVET Curricula Quality Assurance Methodology. The proposed methodology will be piloted in selected new/innovative IVET Curricula (under the regulations of the recent law 4763/2020), which are expected to armor the learners with knowledge and competence vital for the transition to contemporary digital and greener economy, especially in sectors which are crucial for our country (such as innovative/‘green’ agriculture and tourism)

2. To benefit from the Peer Review process,  with the participation of  distinctive EQAVET partners from the EU, to convey an assessment exercise and optimize the anticipated QA Methodology.

Deriving from the anticipated results of the proposals actions, we pursue to develop an integrated framework of principles, methodology and evaluation processes, aiming to design and deliver new effective Study Programs, serving innovation and excellence in IVET.

The proposed actions will deploy in a time scale from 01/04/2021 to 31/08/2023.

[1] The Greek word «Epos», which has been chosen as acronym, withholds the meaning of ‘logos/speech’, reason/meaning, and poetry, (eg. Homers’ Epic Poems ‘Iliad’ and ‘Odyssey’) often referring to an outstanding and heroic endeavor.