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EU Programs, approved EOPPEP proposals

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2016 is a milestone year regarding reinforcement of EQAVET, as member states are provided the opportunity of direct funding (via Erasmus+) of their National Reference Points, following the submission of their own proposals for the development of integrated interventions in combination with national priorities in the field of VET. The main objective of the initiatives and actions is to improve the attractiveness and effectiveness of VET at national and European level.

In terms of this framework, EOPPEP has developed the following:

Erasmus+ «EQAVET NRPs 2016»
The activities implemented by EOPPEP in the framework of the Erasmus+ co-funded program "EQAVET NRPs 2016", focused on improving apprenticeship systems (including certification of learning acquired in the workplace, formulation of guidelines and preparation of a manual for the development of learning outcomes in the context of work-based learning).

Erasmus+ «EQAVET NRPs–2017 - 2019»
In the framework of the activities of the Erasmus+ co-funded program EQAVET NRPs 2017-2019, the first phase of a nationwide survey was conducted in Greece, regarding IVET graduates and employers, with the aim of measuring satisfaction with IVET provision and response rate to labour market needs.

Erasmus+ «EQAVET NRPs–2019 - 2021»
During the implementation period of the Erasmus+ co-funded program "EQAVET NRPs-2019-2021", which was a continuation of the previous cycle ("EQAVET NRPs 2017-2019"), EOPPEP implemented a series of activities in collaboration with the National Institute of Labor and Human Resources (EIEAD). These activities included a field research, which monitored the progress of graduates of Initial Vocational Training Institutes (IEK) in the labor market, investigated the quality/adequacy of vocational education and training (VET) services provided, as well as anticipated the needs of the labor market in knowledge, skills and competences (learning outcomes), by measuring satisfaction rate of:  a) IVET graduates in relation to the specialties and programs of study they attended and the level/type of skills offered and b) employers, employing IVET graduates in relation to the level/type of skills offered.

Erasmus+ «EQAVET NRPs 2021 – 2023»
In the framework of Erasmus+ "EQAVET NRPs 2021 – 2023", EOPPEP submitted the detailed proposal, entitled "Towards an Enhanced Post - Covid VET" and with the distinctive title "EPOS – VET", which was approved by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) and which has been implemented, with a completion horizon of August 2023. The objective of the EPOS VET proposal is the development of a Quality Assurance Methodology for Initial Vocational Training Study Programs and its Pilot Implementation in two Public IVET Institutions, in the context of new/innovative specialties.   

At the same time, EOPPEP continues to promote dissemination and communication activities, such as the website of the National Reference Point of the EQAVET Network on quality assurance issues, publications, production of printed and digital publications and the organisation of technical meetings, seminars and webinars.